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SERVE COURSE — On Hiatus (visit retreat instead)

Group type: Unique Group
Schedule: MIDTOWN // Sun, 3:30pm
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This group is open to new members.
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Passionate about finding the best way for your gifts to meet the needs of our community and the needs of the city? Want to learn more about your unique gifts and personality? Join us for this 4 week course which culminates in receiving your own personal SERVE profile and being placed in a serving team which matches with how God designed you to serve Him!
(Note: This four week course is most effective when you can attend at least 3 of the 4 weeks.)

Weekly Recording and Slides:
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  • Members
  • Suzy Rojas (Silk) (Leader)

  • Alicia Hosking

  • Andrew Han

  • Athena Ledakis

  • Chase Tucker

  • Chris Wan

  • Christine Kwak

  • Coen Thornton

  • Cristian Chis

  • Daniela Chis

  • Danielle Volpert

  • Eric Jeng

  • Erin Krueger

  • Erin Mui

  • Eve Whittington

  • Evelyn Penido

  • Grace Chung

  • Gussie Bryan

  • Jason Fujikuni

  • Jenevieve Woon

  • Jenice Kim

  • Joleen bahnsen

  • Julie Solinger

  • Katelyn Doyle Thornton

  • Kim Choy

  • Leslie Delery

  • Lisa Rho

  • Meghan Gryzwa

  • Mike Dorris

  • Monica Escobar

  • Peter Coan

  • Rachel Snyder

  • Rebekah Cannon

  • Sadie Ward

  • Serene Silin Li

  • Yurie Kwon